Hoverwheel - self balancing hover skates

The Hoverwheel is a new approach to self-balancing rideables.

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Meet the Hoverwheel

Inventist is once again leading the way with its latest invention, the Hoverwheel. It’s the lightest, most versatile rideable ever! The Hoverwheel is an electrically motorized, self-balancing wheel that fits directly under your foot. That’s right! Everything you need for self-balancing: sensors, processor, battery, motor and wheel-is contained in one compact and neat module.

A versatile design – with an electrically motorized, self-balancing wheel that fits directly under your foot.

A simple learning curve, akin to that of the original Hoverboard.

Each unit is a compact, self-contained drive module.

Eliminates the spatial issue of wheels on the side, allowing greater freedom of movement.

Discover your own style

Two Hoverwheels can be ridden like a hoverboard, but with more independence and maneuverability allowing you create your own riding style! Being able to move your feet separately opens up a lot of riding possibilities! How will you use it?


For a single Hoverwheel unit.

MAX SPEED 7.5 mph / 12 kph
MAX RANGE 7 miles / 10 km
10 degrees
MAX LOAD 220 lbs / 100 kg
Dual charging

6.9 lbs / 3.1 kg
5.5″ / 13.9 cm
3.5″ / 99 mm
54Wh lithium ion

UL 2272 compliant.

Easy to learn, fun to ride

When you ride a self-balancing device like the Hoverwheel, you only need to do what you would normally do if you were standing on the ground, except that the wheels and motors function as your feet and legs. Your brain already knows what to do. This is why proficient riders will say that the device is “reading your mind”, or that you “think forward” to go forward, and why we tell beginners that the less you do, the easier it is.

From Inventist, creator of Solowheel, Hovertrax and IOTAtrax.

Shane’s Hoverwheel is his fourth such invention in the field of hands-free, electric rideables. The Solowheel came first followed by the Hovertrax (the original hoverboard) and then the IOTAtrax.

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